December 18, 2017 - Current GI-MAP Turnaround Time: 5 days


Webinar: Clinically Effective GI Treatments: Utilizing the GI MAP™ Test

Join us with guest presenter Dr. Dan Kalish in Part I of our webinar series where we'll review the latest technological innovation in functional medicine lab testing, a DNA based GI pathogen test we call the GI-MAP™ This two-part webinar will focus on reviewing the latest technological innovation... read more »

Autoimmune Disease – What Lies Beneath

Autoimmune diseases have become increasingly more common. Medical doctors are taught that our health is the result of our genes, and that health is preprogrammed and predetermined. This view rejects the possibility that health reflects an accumulation of choices that we make and the environmental... read more »

Autoimmune Disease: A Modern Epidemic?

There is simply no doubt that the incidence of autoimmune disorders has been rising sharply over the past several decades in the Western industrialized countries, particularly the United States (See figure 1).1 A broad array of disorders considered immune-dysregulatory and autoimmune in nature,... read more »